Game Over Cafe - Every Night

Game Over is Portsmouth’s first and only video game cafe...

In an awesome basement setting you can book sessions in 2 hour blocks, and game to your hearts content. We have every single game and console that you can imagine, from the Vectrex to the Game Cube, from Playstation 1 to Pong on the Binatone TV Master IV.

Visit to book a slot

Retro Games Night

Want to fireball your friends in SF2?

Burst your brothers balloons in MarioKart?
Slap them silly in Goldeneye? OR
Just blow them up in Bomberman?

Then the Retro Games Night is the perfect evening for you where you can relax with mates, have a drink, buy old games and consoles and play on upto 20 consoles covering the Atari 2600, Nes, Snes, N64, Gamecube, Wii, Master System, Megadrive, Saturn, Dreamcast, Amiga, PS1, PS2 and more....

1Up Retro Video Gaming Night - Every Friday Night

1 Up is Winchester’s first pub-based retro video games night held at The Railway Inn. When we say retro we mean it – everything from the Master System to the Gamecube makes it out onto our tables, with classic games available every week.

We host weekly tournaments with the opportunity for prizes to be won; we also run leader boards if you fancy a real challenge! There’s consoles you’ll know, a few consoles you won’t, a friendly, relaxed atmosphere and great people to game with (just in case you didn’t bring your own.)

Every Friday from 8.30pm – we even let you punch Mario (digitally) most weeks.

RetroDog Vintage Gaming - Every last Sunday of the month


Vintage gaming for the masses. Snes, N64, Mega Drive, Dreamcast & Wii joining the party for an afternoon of vintage gaming with competitions & challenges.

Bring your own vintage games, challenge the bar staff to a game of Golden Eye or waste the day playing Tony Hawks & Super Smash Bros.

This is Retro Dog! 

Remember the days when you used to kill hours playing Mario but wasn’t old enough to drink tasty beers? Well those days are gone…

And its free. We just wanna see your faces having fun and drinking beer. All day long.
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