If you follow us at @RetroPluggers on Twitter you'll know we do this for the love of the game, all our listings on the website are free and none of our links are affiliated. If it's on our website it's because we value the listings contribution to the Retro Gaming Community.

However as you can imagine labours of love rarely come without a price. We're hoping to one day raise enough to buy this website builder and domain name outright rather than pay for the monthly subscription. If you feel we've helped you or that we help contribute to the community we'd welcome any donations via PayPal.

All donations will be invested into running the website. 

You can donate any amount by clicking the PayPal.Me link below or donate £1 using the preset PayPal 'donate' button.  
If you'd rather save your 20p's for the arcades then just RT our tweets and/or #RetroPlug us and help us spread the word.

Keep levelling up your life and remember #NeverStopGaming

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