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We are the Retro Pluggers, we created this site to plug everything Retro. Predominately Retro Gaming, but also Retro toys, books, podcasts, movies & TV, culture, etc. We wanted a place where we could wax lyrical about everything we enjoy about the Retro Gaming scene.

Influenced by the great Retro Gaming community on Twitter, we wanted a digital water cooler, a hub, a Mos Eisley Cantina where we could collectively post information that can be referred to without it disappearing into the Twitterverse. We've always had recommendations on where to go for all things Retro Gaming but never had a place to freeze them in Carbonite. So from now on, here at RetroPluggers you will find Information such as:

Retrogaming ... Events, Podcasts, Videos, Music, Movies/TV, Books, Stores (coming soon), Arcade Venues, as well as other Links and Zeldas. We'll try to include some Easter Eggs too for all you active Gunters out there.

This is hopefully the start of something great that will serve the retro gaming community, one we hope to improve upon over time with the help of you, the community. We will start off being UK centric with the hope that we can scale globally once we've gotten to grips with building this site. Let us know what’s going on and we’ll look to #RetroPlug it to the rest of The Grid for the greater good. 

We are after all … The Retro Pluggers. Help us spread the word using the buttons below and remember to #NeverStopGaming.

(P.S. Where possible we've linked back to the images and content displayed on this site in an effort to credit and plug original content providers. If you need something taken down, just contact us and we'll be happy to do so. We're not Evil Corp)

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