Hang out at Gunters Cove - Influenced by Gunters,  Easter Egg hunters from the book Ready Player One.

Below we list Easter Eggs in hidden away in Retro and Current Gen games making it easy for all you real life Gunters to find and make your way up the scoreboard!

See you all at the Goon Docks someday.

Adventure - Atari 2600

Within Adventure, the Easter egg is located inside the black castle catacombs (on difficulty level 2 or 3), embedded in the south wall of a sealed chamber (accessible only with the bridge), where there is an invisible 1-pixel object referred to as the Gray Dot.[25] The player must bounce the avatar along the bottom wall to pick up the dot. The dot is not actually invisible, but is simply the same color as the wall and is easily seen when placed in a catacombs passage or over a normal wall. The dot is not attracted to the magnet, unlike most other objects in Adventure. Bringing this dot to the east end of the corridor below the Yellow Castle while other differently colored objects are present causes the wall object to similarly become effectively invisible, allowing the player to pass into a room displaying the words "Created by Warren Robinett" - Wikipedia

Doom 2 - PC

The classic first-person shooter sequel featured a hidden ending that players could only discover by shooting the final boss monster in the face, then walking through it. On the other side of this grizzly scene, you discover the head of the game’s co-creator John Romero. On a stick. The game also plays a backwards sound file of Romero growling “To win the game you must kill me, John Romero!” So you do.  - Keith Stuart

Borderlands 2 – PC, PS3, XBOX 360

In the game’s Caustic Caverns area, among the labyrinth of abandoned mining tunnels, players can find a hidden chamber filled with creepers, the exploding monsters from Minecraft. There are also several different Minecraft blocks that can be smashed to reveal loot and useful items (including blocky Minecraft heads for your character to wear). It’s only one of the several cultural references that Gearbox hid in its crazed sci-fi shooter – Dark Souls and Lord of the Rings also crop up. - Keith Stuart
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